Treasured Haven Farm Trail Runs follow the farm trails through a mix of slightly rolling open field and prairie areas, woods, ravines, and woodland hills, many that overlook Rock Creek. The farm trails were created to be used for monitoring our organic fields, woodland management, or accessing the maple trees that are tapped to make maple syrup. You enjoy the countryside and woodlands traversing an organic family farm while running or hiking a very unique race here on the edge of the St. Croix River Valley near Rush City in East Central Minnesota. The farm is located an easy drive five miles off the I-35 corridor and conveniently located within an hour from the Twin Cities Metro, 90 minutes from Duluth, and easily accessible from other areas of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The farm has seen runners from over 25 states in the ten years the events have been held. 

Packet pick up will be available starting an hour before each race. Your bib numbers and any pre-ordered shirts and other items are available for pick up starting an hour before race time. Water and drop stations are available, but we encourage participants to use reusable water bottles whenever possible and leave no trace behind. Packet pick-up may be available the night before for those utilizing the pitch a tent option.  

Make sure to take advantage of the COMPLIMENTARY Free Camping on Treasured Haven Farm on Memorial Day Weekend for all race participants! Details below.

The Trail Runs at Treasured Haven Farm serve many purposes.  The private farm trails provide a great running opportunity and are self-sustained through the trail runs held on the farm. The events are a labor of love by the Johnson Family and solely sponsored by Treasured Haven Farm. We love to share this natural environment with those who appreciate it's amazing beauty and nature's challenges, and to encourage the sport of cross country and trail running for all ages. We also offer our course for high school cross country meets. Many liken the experience to running through a beautiful private park. The trail running events help to connect people with nature, the land, agriculture, and organic farmers, and to take and active part in supporting the continuation of family farming as well. 

The Story behind the first trail system creation. The original ravine trails were created in 1997 when Farmer Peg was battling for her life with a rare illness and being in contact with the land clearing a special trail in one of the ravines made her come alive and the dream for hosting trail runs was born. As the the first female athlete to have the honor and priviledge to participate in the sport of cross country at the local high school back in 1977, and no longer able to run due to back injury, Peg continues to enjoy the sport vicariously by "running" the races and the whole family is moved by watching others participate. It is that healing energy, the blissful surroundings of nature, but also that determination and will to not only survive, but to thrive, that is so present when runners also traverse those same trails. She vowed that we would ALL see the day that the family would hold races on the trails. That dream came true starting in 2010 and the farm has hosted multiple trail runs each year since! 

To see runners experience that joy of meeting their challenges, the determination and pride in themselves running their own race... priceless! The races exist to challenge and to dig deep within and inspire others to what is possible! You've Got This! 

Teams and groups are encouraged! The race events are open to teams, groups, and companies as well. It is a great location and venue to provide team building and a group challenge where all the logistics of the event set-up are handled. The group leader just organizes the runners and submits the registration. If you have a group of ten or more runners for a race, contact the farm for more info for a Group Registration option or other information.

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Location Information

  • Treasured Haven Farm
  • 53407 Government Road, Rush City, MN, 55069 US

Please allow ample time for registration check-in prior to race. 

As of May 1st, we have registrants from TEN States around the country!

Tent and canopy sites are available in our parking and nearby wooded areas on a first come, first serve basis.

Registration fees are tiered by date as shown. 

DOUBLE DAY DEALS are listed and available in the registration options!

The Growing Green Challenge Half Marathon and Half-of-a-Half run on a 6.55 mile loop of a challenging course through the fields and woodlands of the private trails of Treasured Haven Farm. Each Finisher receives a small natural wood slab engraved Finishers Awards cut from downed trees along the trails. (Note the Growing Green Half Marathon is run on a different course from our Veggie Run Half Marathon held in August.)

Growing Green Half Marathon, Saturday, May 29 at 8:00am:

  • $45 thru May 26th at noon
  • $50 online May 26-28 and Race Day May 29 as space allows

Growing Green Half-of-a-Half Marathon, Saturday, May 29 at 8:00am:

  • $35 thru May 26th at noon
  • $40 online May 26-28 and Race Day May 29 as space allows

The Growing Green 3-Hour & 6-Hour Challenge run on a 3 mile groomed loop course that DOES NOT include the most challenging hills to allow runners a fast course to get those miles logged. A smaller 3/4 mile loop will be open during the last hour of each race to get as many completed miles as possible before the air horn sounds.  This is such a fun and challenging race. The staging area is provided for each runner to have their own personal support staff and aid station. Some snack items, fruit, water, juices, etc. will be available, but each runner knows their own nutritional and additional support needs best and is best suited to provide most of their own support items and/or team personnel as needed, so consider it self-aided. Each Finisher receives an engraved wooden Finishers Award.

Growing Green 3-Hour Challenge, Sunday, May 30 at 7am to 10am:

  • $45 thru May 26th at noon
  • $50 online May 26-29 and Race Day, Sunday, May 30 as space allows

Growing Green 6-Hour Challenge, Sunday, May 30 at 7am to 1pm:

  • $60 thru May 26th at noon
  • $65 online May 26-29 and Race Day, Sunday, May 30 as space allows

Growing Green 12-Hour Challenge, Sunday, May 30 at 7am to 7pm:

  • $75 thru May 26th at noon
  • $80 online May 26-29 and Race Day, Sunday, May 30 
  • NOTE: PLEASE Share!!! WE NEED MORE 12-Hour Registrants!!! We would love to have a minimum of 10 registrants for the 12-Hour event, otherwise current registrations for the 12-Hour will be notified and be converted to the 6-Hour event and the difference in fees from the date of registration will be refunded.  

Race Registration for this event includes race participation, post-race runners snack buffet, a token gift grom the farm, and an engraved award for all race finishers, many made from downed trees found along our trails. Race participants also get the complimentary FREE access for pitching a tent on the farm the night prior to your race. 

You MUST pre-order your choice of race apparel this year with your online registration by noon on MAY 26th, no special order shirts are available to print on race day. Race items and running gear, such as shirts, towels, headbands, mugs, etc, are available for ordering for race day pick up. Some additional items may be available at the farm on race day as well. Your purchases of additional gear help to keep the base registration fees lower and help the farm continue offering these unique races. All race awards and gear are printed or engraved by Treasured Haven Farm and Treasured Haven UpNorth.

HEALTH PRECAUTIONS in effect as dictated:  We offer a wider start, trails mostly at 6 feet wide, alterations to how the registration and after race buffet are handled, we feel that the proper social distancing and precautions can be taken to safely conduct this activity with limits on the participant numbers. It is always much less crowded than a trip to the grocery store or a Big Box store for sure. 

Changes you will see are that there will be NO water coolers on the course or finish - only bottled water, and we highly suggest you carry your own handhelds if needed during the race for the Half-of-a-Half. We suggest Half Marathon and timed race runners bring their own tub or coolers for any supplements, snacks, or drinks needed during the race and there will be individual marked areas on a bank of tables at the half-way point of the half marathon for your own water bottles, or gear, and all timed race participants can have their car or tent near the course. 

We will have additional hand washing and sanitizing stations and porta-potties will be adequately spaced. After the race, we will have someone hand out requested snacks and fruit with food service gloves. 

Spectators will be allowed while doing social distancing, however they cannot cluster immediately at the finish line. 

If deemed needed, awards will be handed out at the finish line, instead of an official awards ceremony.

We acknowledge the very real and health crisis in our country at this time, but also realize the need for those active folks who need to get out and breathe in country air to reduce their stress and improve their health as well. With limited opportunities, and the smaller scale of our events, we feel that the farm and the participants can conduct themselves in a safe fashion.

If for any reason that this race cannot be held on the scheduled days, we will reschedule it or allow registrations to 
transfer to another future event. Since this event is held on private trails, and self-sponsored by the farm, it is much easier for us to make adjustments and accomodations to make certain the event is indeed held. We will always make the trails available and will NEVER resort to a virtual event! Looking forward to 2021! We've Got This!

  • Double loop of farm and woodland course including hill sections.

  • Single loop of farm and wood land course starts same time as Half Marathon.

  • Run 7am-10am. Smaller loop course also available from 9-10am.

  • Run 7am-1pm. Smaller loop course also available from 12-1pm.

  • Run 7am-7pm. Smaller loop course also available from 6-7pm.

  • Discount Registration for Growing Green Half Marathon on May 29 and 3-Hour Timed Race on May 30

  • Discount Registration for Growing Green Half Marathon on May 29 and 6-Hour Timed Race on May 30

  • Discount Registration for Growing Green Half Marathon on May 29 and 12-Hour Timed Race on May 30

  • Discount Registration for Growing Green Half-of-a-Half Marathon on May 29 and 3-Hour Timed Race on May 30

  • Discount Registration for Growing Green Half-of-a-Half Marathon on May 29 and 6-Hour Timed Race on May 30

  • Discount Registration for Growing Green Half-of-a-Half Marathon on May 29 and 12-Hour Timed Race on May 30


Would you like to join or create a team?


Runners for the Half Marathon and Half-of a Half are welcome on the Friday Evening to pitch a tent. Runners for the 3-Hour, 6-Hour are welcome on Saturday Evening to pitch a tent. Runners for the 12-Hour event are welcome both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Please let us know if you want to take part in this complimentary FREE bonus. If you have a vehicle, such as a camper or RV, please let us know so we can have ample spaces available. There are porta-potties and water hydrants, but no electrical hook-ups or septic.  Runners are welcome to also sleep in their car or van. We appreciate overnight parking or camping check-in prior to 10 pm, if possible.

Check all that apply below.

Nights and Location Type Requested:

Select applicable location requested:

Optional questions to help us serve you better:

Race Apparel and Other Race Items- MUST be pre-ordered by MAY 27!

  • Tech Crew Neck ADULT or YOUTH T-Shirt - Sleeves: SHORT, LONG, SLEEVELESS - Lime Green or White

    Tech Crew Neck ADULT or YOUTH T-Shirt - Sleeves: SHORT, LONG, SLEEVELESS - Lime Green or White

    Choose your size and style of tech performance shirt with dye print RACE design on FRONT and BACK of shirt. Crew neck style for adult unisex sizing with short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless, Photo added shortly.



    Choose your style and size of tech performance shirt with dye print RACE design on FRONT and BACK of shirt in Ladies Sizing. Choice of Ladies Short Sleeve Crew Neck, or V-Neck with choice of Short or Long Sleeves, or Sleeveless. Photo added shortly.

Sports Workout TOWEL

  • Growing Green Challenge Sports Towel

    Growing Green Challenge Sports Towel

    11'x44" Cotton Terry Towel with full color printed design.

    $10.00 ea.

Other products made by the Treasured Haven Farm Family

  • "Half Crazy 13.1" and "The miracle is... 13.1"

    "Half Crazy 13.1" and "The miracle is... 13.1"

    Signs made in your choice of colors with your sayings. Painted then engraved so you can feel the words... Great for Inspiration on your desk, nightstand, windowsill, wherever! Choice of "Half Crazy 13.1", "The miracle is not that I finished... it is that I had the courage to start! 13.1" Additional options may be available race day.

Maple Syrup from Treasured Haven Farm



    Organic Maple Syrup from the farm's woodlands and cooked down over a wood fire and bottled in glass bottles. The trails for the races follow many access trails used for collecting the sap in the Spring.

OPTIONAL: Become a Treasured Haven Farm Trail Run Supporter

  • Trail Run Supporter Options

    Trail Run Supporter Options

    What to help support local agriculture and farm adventure opportunities? Treasured Haven Farm Trail Run Supporters help to further maintain, expand, or enhance our farm's trail system and adding other amenities for the races and host other youth and school events for free or reduced fees. THAT HILL Supporters know what HILL we are talking about if you have already run the distance races. ;-) Your help is greatly appreciate to create top notch events for years to come.



    I can bring a volunteer to help on the course during the race event.


I know and acknowledge that running a race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to my ability to safely complete the run. I assume all risks associated with running in the event, including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, animals, or plants, the effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, storms, lightning, ice, snow, or other, traffic and the conditions of any road crossings, all such risks being known and appreciated by me.

Having read this waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators or anyone else who might claim on my behalf, waive and release any and all entities associated with Treasured Haven Farm or any related or jointly owned business, and any and all sponsors, sanctioning organizations - such as, but not limited to USATF and/or any other affiliated group, and their representatives, including owners, employees, or volunteers, and any and all successors, from all claims or liability for death, illness, personal injury, or property damage of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or in the course of, my attending or participating in this event whether same be caused by negligence or fault.

This release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown.

The undersigned further grants full permission to owners, sponsors, and/or agents authorized by them to use any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this event for purposes of advertising, publicity, or any other. Minors accepted only with a parent or guardian's signature.

* By submitting my registration, I acknowledge and sign this waiver electronically. This also applies to any minors or others who are also entered on this registration for any race. As with most like events, no refunds are allowed.

I further understand that no pets are allowed with a participant on the course, and that children in strollers are not allowed to be pushed by participants on the race course during the event. This is for safely and sanctioning purposes.

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